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Time to start strong


“The journey will not be necessarily easy. You are not going to wake up with the right networks and opportunities next to you. You do not have to give up.

“Do not give in, do not give up. In each and every path of a great person impediments will always be there in form of temporary defeats (failure).

“There would not be anything meaningful today if all people chose to take the easy way out – quitting”

I took the above words from the book Personal Development Toolkit by Arthur Marara. As a reflection of what might have happened in 2014 your life might have hit rock bottom.

You might have received knockdowns more that you received accolades. I still remember, I invested thousands of dollars in a project, but I lost close to everything I invested.

Mistakes do happen in life. Pitfalls are unavoidable as longs as you are still breathing. You might have had relationships that did not go well. Now, you are still thinking of your previous love, how you dearly loved them only to wake up one day to be told it’s over .

Such is life! At times we make terrible mistakes, but should we condemn ourselves for life?

I still remember ten years ago life was seemingly throwing stones at me, but I made my mind that I will now live my life according to my choices. The fact was that I was in pain, but I chose not to be in misery.

I have always said what happens to us is not the big problem, but what happens “in us” is what would regulate how we feel and our attitude towards life.

All the negative things that have happened to us should not determine our attitude toward life. In fact problems should spur us up to be more.

When you are down, lift yourself up , dust yourself, forgive yourself and those that might be the cause pain in you, put on a right make-up and start your life all over again. Its never too late!

Your history might be your worst enemy. There is nothing you can change in your past, but you can do something in your present to change your future. As we start 2015, refocus your energy, change your strategies and lift up your standards

Successful people that have gone though the hardest times but they capitalized on that to bring the best. The Psalmist says “It is good for me that I have been afflicted; that I might learn thy statutes” (Psalms 119:71).

You chose to see an instruction from your obstruction. Every stone that has been thrown at you choose to pick it and build your strong foundation from it. Tips to live a great life in the midst of diversity:

Choose to derive lessons from hardships,

Don’t make decisions based on your negative circumstances,

Don’t make decision based on a bad emotions or your lack,

Learn to be pro-active other than be reactive by having written plans/ resolutions,

Forgive yourself and those that have wronged you. This removes internal wounds and baggage,

In every storm, don’t lose focus. Know who you are, what you are capable of and where you want to be,

Your mind is liable to a free ride of thoughts, don’t just think or entertain every thought that flies over your mind, but know what to think about and invest in positive thoughts,

Be wary of relationships that reinforce your hardships though words and negative perspectives. Don’t try to change them, that is a life time job! Change yourself and choose good relationships,

Learn though inspiration; listen to music that lifts your soul and learn from motivational speakers,

Finally, chose to be a success every day. Make a conscious decision daily, create a life that you want and anchor that with corresponding action.

Parting point: The speaker and author Les Brown wrote on his Facebook wall recently: “Decide to become a ‘No Matter What’ person.

Decide that you will make your dream become a reality, no matter what!It does not matter if you run out of money, or if life catches you on the blind side. It does not matter if you experience disappointments, failures or setbacks”.

You have what it takes to bounce back. Your gifts, talents and abilities require that kind of resolve. The next moment can change your life, for good. Be open to that. Do not give up. Make it happen, no matter what!

You have something special. You have greatness within you!

For more money tips and advices go to www.successlife.co.zw, call 0772 581 918, e-mail: jonah@successlife.co.zw Jonah Nyoni is an author, success coach and motivational speaker.

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