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Govt ordered to stop elephant export


INTERNATIONAL animal rights protection group, People for Ethical Protection of Animals (Peta) has launched an online petition to stop the Zimbabwean government from exporting elephants, as the saga over the sale of beasts continues unabated.

Staff Reporter

Zimbabwe attracted international attention after reports emerged that the country was exporting baby elephants to China, an allegation authorities denied, instead saying they were exporting to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). According to the petition, 36 calves were prised away from their families to be sold in the UAE and China.

“These babies, all younger than five years old, are being held at Mtshibi Capture Unit, as they face exportation,” the petition reads.

“Reportedly, there are also plans to capture hundreds more elephants for zoos abroad. It’s not too late for Zimbabwe officials to stop the export and additional captures.”

Peta claimed helicopters had swarmed elephant herds at the Hwange National Park and fired guns over the heads of the elephants, causing them to scatter.

Peta called for a campaign asking the Zimbabwe embassy in the United Kingdom to do everything in its power to “stop the additional capture of innocent elephants”.

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