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Nurse sentenced over fake HIV results


A NURSE employed at Gokwe District Hospital, who allegedly connived with a health non-governmental worker, employed by Global Fund to fake results of an HIV test in favour of the nurse’s husband, was on Tuesday lucky to escape jail after she was handed a non-custodial sentence.

Stephen Chadenga

The State’s case was that Angela Chipere of Valley Stands, employed by the international health NGO and Shamiso Punzwana, a nurse at Gokwe district hospital, connived resulting in Chipere producing a fake record of HIV-negative results, without carrying proper tests on the nurse’s husband.

The husband wanted to secure employment using the same results.

Gokwe magistrate Shepherd Munjanja separately charged the two and initially sentenced Punzwana to 18 months in prison, before suspending six months for five years on condition of good behaviour.

A further 12 months were suspended on condition Punzwana completes 420 hours of community service at the Gokwe Magistrates’ Courts.

Chipere is still awaiting her fate.

The co-accused, who were working at the same institution at the time, faced charges of criminal abuse of duty as public officers.

Prosecutor Tinei Tirigo told the court that on April 16 2014 and at around 8am at the hospital, Punzwana approached Chipere requesting her to issue HIV test results in favour of her husband, Tawanda Muhenyeri.

Punzwana indicated to Chipere that her husband wanted to secure a job at a certain cotton company, which required HIV-negative results.

The State further alleged that Chipere went on to produce a document bearing “negative” in terms of results in favour of Muhenyeri without carrying proper HIV tests.

The endorsed results, however, belonged to Mujeyi Bongwani who had also been tested on the same day.

On October 27, detectives received information on the accused persons’ conduct, leading to their subsequent arrest.

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