Zimbo artiste clinches international deal

ZIMBABWE-BORN artiste and music producer Darlington Sibanda, better known as D2, is making waves in the South African music circles with his latest single MaRands NemaDollarz.


The hit single has a remix for the festive season and is gathering momentum as much as the original track. Sibanda is signed under Deep City Music, a record label from Midrand that he co-founded.

He released a single titled Batai Munhu that blasts corruption in Zimbabwe. The single targeted Cuthbert Dube, the former Premier Service Medical Aid Society chief executive. He released the controversial single Shona Phansi (get down), which caused a steer among Shona speaking people who accused him of being a tribalist.

MaRands NemaDollarz remix features collaborations with South African heavyweights Native Boyz, Dj Master and Thabzen Bibo.



His energy on the mic and catchy lyrics have not gone unnoticed in the international market as Sibanda has now clinched a dream licensing and distribution deal with Soniquarium Mizika in San Antonio, a sub label under Proton Music in Texas, United States, and Avioground Records in Milan, Italy.

Not even the sky is the limit when it comes to the pursuit of a dream for this talented musician.

Speaking to Southern Eye Lifestyle, D2 said: “I give thanks to the community that raised me and nurtured my love for the arts and culture. As much as I am making it in South Africa, I want people at home to know that there is someone from Zimbabwe who is doing it competitively with South African artistes such that when I get bigger and get more international recognition, Zimbabweans can proudly say ‘that’s our son right there’. I try to remain as true as possible to my roots and that’s why I love songs that have feeling and good production because we Zimbabweans are great at that.”

Sibanda described his rise as very challenging, demanding and competitive, but credited artistes such as Dennis Ferri, Boddhi Satva and Onsunlade of Yoruba Records as major influences.

South African artistes such as Black Coffee, Dj Shimza, Oskido, Wizikid and Uhuru have also contributed to his musical content and production.

Deep City Music chief Mthulisi Ncube said his desire was to see the standards of Zimbabwean hip-hop music rising to international standards.

“MaRands NemaDollarz is a message aimed at encouraging African youths in particular Zimbabwean youths all over the world to hustle harder if they are to make money.

“This world is run by billionaires; we can be part of that. All we’ve got to do is hustle and hustle hard,” Ncube said.

“We were not expecting the single to be vastly received on the international market. So far we have quite a number of distribution and licensing deals that are still pending that we are very excited about. That’s all we are prepared to say now.”

MaRands NemaDollarz was produced by D2 and Mr Bond, and arranged by DJ Master and mastered by DJ Face at Deep City Music in Midrand, South Africa.

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