Sex scandal rocks school

AN administrator at the Salvation Army-run school, Usher Girls High, is allegedly sleeping with a Form 5 student (name withheld), whose parents disowned her after they discovered the affair which is believed to have begun when she was in Grade 6.


According to a source in the institution, Major Joshua Jochore asked from the girl’s parents if she could help him with kitchen chores in return for school fees payment and the parents consented.

“However, instead of playing a parenting role, Jochore slept with the minor and the parents discovered it,” the source said.

“They tried to report the case to the police, but they failed as Jochore bought their silence with $5 000.

“To conceal the case further, he offered to take care of the minor, but instead continued sleeping with her.”

The source revealed that the matter came to light in November 2013 when three students — the girl in question, her friend and another girl — fought over the administrator.

A hostel aide, Nonsikelelo Sithole, reportedly summoned them, but failed to quell the feud and ended up calling the school matron, Major Florence Shayamano, the source said.

Southern Eye is in possession of a video clip of the girls revealing Jochore’s scandals.

The two, Shayamano and Sithole, tried to keep the matter under the carpet for fear of tarnishing the image of the school.

After Jochore had discovered that his illicit relationship had been exposed, he reportedly transferred the matron to another Salvation Army school in Harare and fired Sithole.

The matter, according to a source, has become the talk of the school.

Contacted for comment yesterday, Jochore promised to visit the Southern Eye to explain his side of the story, but did not pitch up.

His Harare bosses, chief secretary Leen Kwenda and Colonel Tinei Mambo referred all questions to the school’s public relations officer.

“We do not have such information and you can go and get it from the person who gave you,” he said.

Efforts to get comments from Sithole and Shayamano were fruitless.

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