3 nabbed for robbing taxis


TWO MEN from Filabusi and one from Bulawayo have been locked up in remand prison after they allegedly hijacked two private taxis and robbed drivers of the vehicles, which they took to sell in Harare.


Derrick Nkala, Yakani Moyo both of Filabusi and Fezile Mbambo of Paddonhurst in Bulawayo were not asked to plead to carjacking and robbery when they appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Sheunesu Matova.

The magistrate remanded them in custody to January 15 for trial.

The court heard that On December 4 2014 Nkala and Moyo hired a pirate taxi driven by Thabani Ndlovu at George Silundika and 8th Avenue Street in Bulawayo.

They asked him to drive them to Suburbs and when they approached Townsend Road and 8th Street they produced a knife threatening him before robbing him of the vehicle, a Honda.

It is the State case that on December 15 2014, Nkala and Moyo hired Trust Stanley Hadebe, a pirate taxi driver to take them to Suburbs from the corner of 12th Avenue and Robert Mugabe Way.

When they reached Lawley Avenue and 12th Avenue extension, they allegedly produced a knife and robbed him of his vehicle, a Honda Fit.

They allegedly drove it to Harare where they hid it.

On January 1 this year, the two went to Law Gandashanga, a car dealer in Harare to sell the two cars they had stolen.

But Gandashanga demanded to see proof of ownership.

The two then allegedly connived with Mbambo, who was in Bulawayo and gave Gandashanga his mobile numbers.

Gandashanga contacted him and he confirmed that he was the owner of the cars.

The car dealer then paid a deposit of $1 000 for one vehicle.

However, the still suspicious Gandashanga later engaged his friend in Bulawayo, Talentson Muchererwa, who investigated vehicles ownership and discovered both had been stolen.

Both vehicles were recovered and the three were arrested.


  1. Many thanks to Gandashanga for being alert & refusing to illegally re-register the stolen car as what they normally do through corrupt officials.

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