Mutasa must face reality


IN a lengthy press statement Didymus Mutasa condemns the undemocratic conduct before, during and after the Zanu PF congress that saw his and a number of others being accused of plotting to oust Robert Mugabe as first secretary of the party and president and elbowed out of their positions in the party and the government.

“We (Mutasa and his fellow Zanu PF friends forced out of the party last year) are dismayed by the unlawful conduct leading up to and surrounding the purported congress” the press statement from Mutasa read.

“We will remain married to the principles we fought for including, ‘one man, one vote’, where majority rule prevails, which was not recognized in the recently unprocedurally amended Zanu PF constitution ‘adopted’ at the illegal December meeting which masqueraded as a ‘Congress’.”

Congratulations Comrade Didymus Mutasa for your passionate and well-presented statement. Let me tell you here and now that although your statement is aimed at the “citizens of Zimbabwe” it will never get any sympathy for the overwhelming majority of Zimbabweans.


It is true that conduct of the Zanu PF sixth congress was unprocedural, violated the principle of one man, one vote and all the democratic norms and you have every right to protest. Indeed we salute you for doing so.

What sickens every thinking Zimbabwean is the fact that Mugabe and Zanu PF have been doing all these things and worse all these last 35 years and you have never said a word in protest.

Over 30 000 innocent Zimbabweans have lost their lives in politically-motivated Zanu PF violence over the years and you never said a word. Indeed Mutasa you were involved in some of those murders yourself.

“A 12-year-old boy burnt to death in a political attack in Highlands. The boy’s father is a leading MDC official in the area and has had his hut burnt on nine other occasions by known Zanu PF supporters loyal to Zanu PF minister Didymus Mutasa.”

The story broke out February 25 2013, you do have a very selective memory comrade, but I am sure you remember it!

For the last 35 years millions of ordinary Zimbabweans have been fighting for their basic human freedoms and rights including freedom of expression, the right to a meaningful vote and the right to life itself.

It is Mugabe and Zanu PF that have ridden roughshod over human rights and human dignity and you Mutasa and all the other members purged out of the party last month were, until the purge, part and parcel of the tyrannical regime.

Just because you have been booted out of the tyrannical regime does not mean you are now one of us and innocent as a rose.

You are not angry at the unprocedural and undemocratic conduct of the Zanu PF congress per se because those things and worse have happened and they did not bother you one bit; what you are angry about is that you are the victim and not the perpetrator of these injustices.

You are fighting not to end these injustices, but for a chance to resume your position as the oppressor. Millions of ordinary Zimbabweans are fighting to end the oppressor are that is why you will never ever get their support. Never!

Mutasa, you are no more than a hyena that has been mauled and kicked out of the clan, but let us get one thing straight here and now, no amount of mauling and howling about the injustice of it all from yourself will change the fact that you are a hyena and will always be a hyena!

We want a Zimbabwe where rights and freedoms of all are guaranteed and honoured and to end this predatory system where those in power are the hyenas, forever preying on the weak and vulnerable causing endless strif and suffering.

You are fighting to reclaim your old position in the restored Zanu PF hyena system, you should go to Hwange Game Reserve and there start your very own hyena clan and not here.

We are not animals, we are human beings, and we are sick and tired of being forced by tyrants like you to live like animals.

Zanu PF dictatorship you are fighting to reclaim is collapsing and thank God it is doing so. We are determined to have the system buried and will bury you and all those fighting to restart it in any way.

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