The Battle of the Software DJs an eye opener


THIRTY-FIVE DJs from across the country will slug it out in the “Battle of the Software DJs: Winner Takes All” event at Club 40-Forty in Bulawayo on January 31.


The event is aimed at testing the technology savvy level of Zimbabwean club DJs and is likely to change the manner in which they spin the decks.

Sibanengi Ndebele, popularly known as DJ Mzoe and who doubles up as entertainment manager of Club 40-Forty, said the contest would change the way DJs do their work by learning new skills and sharing ideas.

He said the winner of the duel will take all, although he declined to disclose the prize indicating that it was meant to be a surprise.

Ndebele said the context would expose upcoming and established DJs to promoters and club owners.

“Tired of playing for 20 people in a small apartment when you know your talent is just calling for a larger audience, or know a local DJ whose skills are ready to be showcased to the world? Well Club 40-Forty is giving you the chance to shine. Battle of the Software DJs is ready to see what you have got,” Ndebele said.

“Every game has its own rules and DJs are to bring their own laptops or desktops, controller, headphones and AV cables to connect to the mixer. The club will provide the sound for every DJ and DJs are supposed to behave in a professional manner,” he said.

In the first round of the contest, DJ Mzoe said all 35 DJs would be given 10 minutes each to showcase their skills before 25 are eliminated. The remaining 10 DJs would be given five minutes each until only three are left for the finals.

The finalists would be given five minutes each to outdo each other before the winner is announced.

He said three respected judges would adjudicate the contest, but would not name them to avoid possibilities of bribery.

“The judging sheet for the first round award has a total of 15 points. The judges will look at how a DJ mixes. In the second round, points will be awarded out of 20 and judges will be looking at the selection of music. In the third round judges will award points out of 15 and will consider the microphone use.

The final will be judged out of 20 with judges considering confidence, skill and crowd response.

“So far we have DJs from Harare, Beitbridge, Gweru, Gwanda, Kwekwe, Masvingo and Bulawayo. We had over 75 DJs that had registered, but we had to cut the number to 35 as they were too many.

“We are excited about the event. It is going to be tough for judges and fans as we believe we have gathered the finest DJs around,” he added.