Mutasa hits back at Moyo

“A political party cannot, merely by written notice to the Speaker declare that a member has ceased to belong to it, cause a member to cease to belong to it, if the member is still a member at the time the written notice is received by the Speaker.

FORMER Zanu PF secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa has shot back at party spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo, saying although he worked on the congress preparations, he was not responsible for the unconstitutional proceedings that followed.


Moyo had said Mutasa’s questioning of the procedures of the December congress was absurd, as he was responsible for preparations ahead of the meeting.

“That is true, I participated in the preparations and I made all the arrangements, but did not conduct the meeting,” he said.

“What he (Moyo) should be asked to respond to is whether that was the cause of the mess up.

party spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo
party spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo

“Why didn’t they follow the agenda and programme. Why didn’t they elect the leadership?”

Mutasa said the bone of contention was not about the congress preparations, which he participated in, but was the manner in which the meeting was conducted, which violated the principles of democracy as enshrined in the national and party constitutions.

He said the fact that they clandestinely sought to amend the party constitution without following proper procedures rendered the December 2014 congress a sham, as most of the members who should have gained positions through votes were shut out of the process through unconstitutional means.

Moyo said Mutasa had to come to terms with the fact that he was no longer the Zanu PF secretary for administration, saying his attempts to ridicule the congress were ridiculous and needed to be dismissed with contempt.

Mutasa and a host of other senior Zanu PF officials lost their posts in the run-up to the party congress.

Most of the victims of the purge were perceived to be allies of fired Vice-President Joice Mujuru, who herself was accused of plotting President Robert Mugabe’s ouster.

Mutasa, the most vocal of the axed group, says he has written a letter to Sadc leaders, complaining about the congress.