Promoter fumes over Sunday News report

Gilmore Moyo

BULAWAYO-BASED Hunnar Management Agency founder Gilmore Tee Moyo has lashed out at media reports that he embezzled designers’ funds, dismissing them as “utter rubbish”.


A local weekly publication reported that Moyo allegedly embezzled money meant for designers’ trip to showcase their works at the African Fashion Week in Toronto, Canada, in August 2014.

Moyo, whose agency sources funds to sponsor fashion designers to participate in renowned fashion events across the world, rubbished the embezzlement report on his Twitter account referring to it as a baseless story filled with information “peddled by people who were on drugs or drunk”.

“What bothers me is that the journalist proceeded to publish nonetheless based on unverified information. That is careless journalism,” Moyo wrote.

“As a journalist, you got to get your facts right and do not allow clowns to take you to a circus.”

Moyo said the Canada trip was the least of his priorities and he had dealt with better and bigger trips where he could have misused funds.

According to the reports, a designer known as Sheena Moyo accused Gilmore of misusing donor funds and stealing some designers’ ideas.

Another designer reportedly claimed Moyo never disclosed a big sponsor from Victoria Falls fuelling suspicious that he misused the funds.