Lions cause stir in Hwange

“There are apparently some being held in the boma in Hwange National Park and some more in Victoria Falls, although it is said that some have been moved to Grace Mugabe’s new game reserve, as well as nine lions.

TWO adult lions have been spotted in Hwange town sending residents into panic mode as they now fear for their lives.

Richard Muponde
Senior Reporter

The lions were reportedly spotted on Wednesday morning at Number 1 and 3 Prospect View Suburb, popularly known as MaYard.

A source in the mining town said one of the lions was seen at Number 1 Prospect View, where one of the Hwange Colliery managers stays and was seen by a security guard manning the premises.

“He then screamed and the lion panicked and crossed to Number 3,” a well-placed source said.

“While in there, it was seen by another security guard who was manning the property, who also screamed before he collapsed.”

He said the security guard did not know what direction the beast had taken.

Another source said they believed there were two stray lions and a team from Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Authority (Zimparks), Hwange police and Hwange Rural District Council had been dispatched to the scene to try and track down the lions and drive them out of the town.

Hwange council deputy chairman Matthew Muleya yesterday confirmed the sighting of the lions.

“It’s true, we have dispatched a team from the council which is working together with officials from Zimparks and the police to track the lions and see that they are driven out of town,” he said.

Muleya said the team was still on the ground trying to locate the lions.

Zimparks has since issued a warning to Hwange residents to desist from walking at night or in secluded bushy areas.

The authority said it had dispatched a team of six rangers being led by a professional hunter, who is working with members of the Police Support Unit and council officers.

The sighting of the lions comes barely a week after Hwange chiefs complained about the beasts and other animals that are wreaking havoc in the district.