Afro-pop artiste launches album


TRADITIONAL Afro-pop rising star Flackson Jeche, popularly known as Flabby B in music circles, is set to launch his second album titled Different Angles at the Palace Gardens, Bulawayo, on Saturday.


The 30-year-old artiste started his music journey in 2006, but only released his debut album dubbed It Hurts, which carried hit single Ndombonzi Ani in 2009.

Jeche said his latest release was more of a mature offering and featured collaborations with Mzoe 7, Tawazz, Turamu, Obzinto and Jayaguru.

“I am excited about this album as it has a more mature sound,” Jeche said.

“It is inspired by real life stories such as love, morals, hatred and heartbreaks.

“The 10-track album carries all genrés, but I specialise in traditional Afro-pop. The track Mhondoro is currently enjoying airplay on radio stations. Mhondoro talks about going back to our old ways to appease the spirits because people are now killing each other. They are greedy and raping our sisters, so let’s go back to the river where the Mhondoro used to perform rituals.”

The launch will promote local talent with Real Kid, Sean Milia, Wiper Real, Senko, Mzoe 7 and other artistes blazing the stage.

Jeche said upcoming artistes should remain focused because success would not come in a day, but required patience.

“Let music come from within and sing something that you will be proud of if it gets played publicly or in the presence of your family,” he said.

“I don’t believe in singing vulgar. My music should inspire the youths, hence it must carry a deep message. I am a communicator, thus my message in song should communicate inspire and and educate.”