Crocodiles maul Binga teacher

BINGA villagers under Chief Pashu woke up to a horrific sight when they discovered a partly devoured body of a school temporary teacher who went missing last week, reportedly after he was swallowed by a flooded river and attacked by crocodiles.

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Reports from Binga district said the teacher, identified as Mlamuli Khumalo, was swept away by the flooded Nakapande River last week and his body had not been found for nearly a week until Thursday.

However, to the shock of villagers the body was discovered devoured by crocodiles with several parts, including bowels missing.

The teacher was recently deployed to teach at Kamalungu Primary School in the district under Chief Pashu.

However, Southern Eye yesterday could not establish where Khumalo comes from or locate his relatives, who have reportedly been informed of his death.

Binga councillor for Ward 4, Elmon Mudenda, confirmed the morbid incident.

“Yes, I heard that he tried to cross a flooded Nakapande River and was attacked by crocodiles, according to the police, but it seems the issue is quite complicated,” he said.

A police source confirmed that Khumalo was trying to cross the flooded river to school when he was swept away.

“He went missing for some days,” the officer said.

“However, his body was later recovered last week mauled by crocodiles.

“It was taken to Binga mortuary,” he said.

Another source said it was like watching a horror movie.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes,” he said.

“You could not look at the decomposing body. Crocodiles left it in bad shape. The scene resembled a horror movie.

“I haven’t seen such horror in real life except in movies.

“It was not a sight for those of a nervous disposition, it was shocking.”

He said Khumalo had recently been deployed to Kamalungu Primary School as a temporary teacher.

Although the roads to Kariangwe and Lusulu are in a better condition, the road network in Binga is generally poor, making it difficult for some of the remote areas to be accessed, especially during the rainy season.

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