Union sues RMS over $6 000 debt


THE TRANSPORT and General Workers’ Union has sued Road Motor Services (RMS) over the non-remittance of $6 000 union dues, which it was deducting from workers’ salaries from October 2013 to September 2014.


In a letter dated December 4 2014 written to the company, the union said the company, which was a subsidiary of the National Railways of Zimbabwe, before it was privatised, was not remitting union dues, which it deducted from workers’ salaries until the arrears accumulated to a total of $6 000. The union indicated that this was despite its efforts to advise the company on the issue.

“Under such circumstances the union is left with no choice but to institute litigation proceedings since the company has showed no concern over the matter,” the letter reads.

“We advise that the trade union subscriptions from members are not a privilege, but a statutory requirement.” On December 12  2014 the union wrote another letter reminding the company of the $6 000 arrears, indicating that if the company failed to comply, a legal suit would be filed.

But the company remained mum prompting the union to approach the Bulawayo Magistrates’ Court for a redress on the issue.  The union filed summons on January 8 2015.

Part of the summons read: “You are hereby summoned that you do, within seven days after the service of this summon upon you, enter a cause of appearance to answer the claim of the plaintiff herein for $6 000 being the capital debt due, together with interest collection and costs.”

The Transport and General Workers’ Union is cited as the plaintiff in the lawsuit, while RMS is the respondent.

In its particulars of the claim, the union indicated that the company owed it $6 000, which despite being advised of the arrears, ignored to settle.