‘I have done my best’


PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe at the infamous Victoria Falls 91st birthday celebration said he did not get to be president by aspiring for the position or involving himself in “wicked rituals” to get to the top, but worked in humble fashion and waited to be appointed or chosen for the top post.

He did not say he stuck to the post by hook or crook forever and a day. He said: “I have done my best . . .”

Best indeed with an economy that has gone to the dogs, when a cocktail of currencies is being used by a currencyless country; when a former continental feeder is now a basket case; when government health institutions are crumbling; when Harare runs for months without water; when the State gets funding from spot fines; best indeed!

The best that Mugabe has ever done is to go talking about sangomas, n’angas, voodoo, muti and necromancy.

After all Zanu ndeyeropa! His best is a lengthy speech on how ousted Vice-President Joice Mujuru goes semi-nude performing wicked rituals using local and Nigerian medicine people.

He is hardly aware that he has been presiding over voodoo practices, a voodoo economy, voodoo socialisation and voodoo ideas for 35 years.

In keeping with 91 years, a fixation for things macabre has taken over his thinking and he is getting impatient with joining his peers riding brooms and hyenas in search of the unmentionable.

While a birthday celebration is a personal issue, speeches from such occasions, if they should be heard by the public, should have a content that will convince us he has some ideas left that can turn the fortunes of this country around.

Instead his fixation with a woman continues to play tricks with Mugabe and his upside-down world will continue to feed him with his strange and suspect opinions that will only send this country deeper into the abyss.

Zimbabweans have indeed been robbed for a long time, and there is a feeling too that Mugabe has seen citizens of this country as foolish enough to rob as and when he wishes.

There should be a time, however, when we all throw away the gauntlet of foolishness and think more seriously of the future of this country.