Teenagers rape pupil (12)

TWO teenage boys from Binga landed themselves in trouble when they allegedly took turns to rape a 12-year-old Grade 4 pupil, whom they had reportedly proposed love to.


The teenagers who are school dropouts aged 17 and 14, both from Dumbwe village under Chief Binga, allegedly took turns to rape the Grade 4 pupil, with one holding her down while covering her mouth to restrain her from screaming for help.

The two, who cannot be named to protect their identity and that of the complainant, shocked the courts last Tuesday when they claimed that they met the girl with her friend before escorting them while proposing love.

However, along the way, the complainant’s friend left and the older teen asked for sexual favours from the girl.

Afterwards it was the turn of the 14-year-old to sleep with the girl.

“Your worship, complainant is my girlfriend, we did not rape her, but she agreed to the encounter, first with me, then with my friend,” one of the teenagers said when they appeared before Hwange regional magistrate Dambudzo Malunga facing rape charges.

It is understood that sometime on March 27 last year, the complainant was with her friend on their way to their grandmother’s homestead when they were joined by the two teenagers whom they walked with for a short distance before parting ways.

The two later rejoined them and immediately got hold of the complainant’s hand and pulled her into a nearby bush, tripped her and the 17-year-old raped her.

The juveniles then switched places, with the 14-year-old now raping her, while the former covered her mouth.

They dragged her to where the 17-year-old lives.

The girl managed to escape and she told her grandmother what had happened and a report was made to the police.

The trial continues on March 6. The two are denying the charges.

Tawanda Sigauke prosecuted.

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