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MP strips, gets arrested


BULAWAYO East MDC T legislator, Tabitha Khumalo was yesterday charged with indecent exposure after she removed her top to give to a party supporter who had been undressed by people believed to belong to Zanu PF, following violent skirmishes in Njube.


MDC-T youths clashed with bussed Zanu PF supporters in Magwegwe and Njube yesterday, with accusations that the ruling party members were bent on disrupting the opposition party’s rallies held at various suburbs yesterday.

Three MDC-T women supporters were undressed by Zanu PF supporters near Njube hall, the venue of one of the rallies, and were apprehended by MDC-T youths who took them to the Njube police station – only for them to be released without charge.

Khumalo, among other top party officials, stormed Njube police station over the issue, and the legislator took off her top to give to an aged women who had been undressed, but for her troubles, she was charged with indecent exposure.

The woman did not have a bra, Khumalo said, justifying why she saw it fit to give her the blouse.

The Bulawayo East legislator condemned Zanu PF youths for violating the MDC-T female supporters, especially during this month, only four days after celebrating the International Women’s Day.

“It boggles the mind why they are interested in me (charging her) for giving dignity to another woman, who had been undressed when Zanu PF thugs who disrupted our rallies and undressed women are left scot free,” Khumalo said in an interview at Njube Police Station.

“The police cannot expect us to just watch while Zanu PF supporters disrupt our meetings and undress our supporters.

“Zanu PF holds its meetings at Davis Hall and police always provide security and you wonder why the same is not being extended to us.”

MDC-T organising secretary Abednico Bhebhe said the party would not be intimidated by  Zanu PF youths and instead indicated that they were now ready to fight back.

“We will not stop. We are ready to fight against Zanu PF and shed our blood,” he charged.

“We will not stop until Zanu PF is gone.

“If Zanu PF sacrificed way back before 1980 so that Zimbabwe could be free, we are ready to also sacrifice until the people of Zimbabwe are free from Zanu PF.”

Bulawayo police spokesperson, Inspector Mandlenkosi Moyo, could not be reached for comment.

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