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Man tries to axe neighbour over mother’s death


A LOBENGULA man recently tried to axe his neighbour, whom he accused of killing his mother so she could get rich.


What peeved the man, Lloyd Mazunze, even more was that his neighbour suddenly got rich after his mother died.

He then grabbed an axe and tried to chop off his neighbour’s head, but onlookers quickly restrained him.

Mazunze (24) appeared before Western Commonage provincial magistrate Willard Mafios Moyo where he was charged with violating section 89 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act.

He pleaded guilty to the charge and was remanded in custody to April 23.

In his defence, Mazunze said he was drunk and bitter with the way his mother died.

“I was disheartened by how Ntombizodwa Mhare acted when my mother passed on and her miraculous achievements afterwards got me suspicious,” he said.

Prosecutor Mufaro Mageza told the court that on that fateful day, Mazunze was standing at his gate watching Mhare cleaning her yard and decided to ask her why she got rich after his mother died.

Mhare did not respond to him, but rather continued cleaning, angering Mazunze, who approached her and accused her of killing his mother.

“He came to me shouting that I killed his mother and got rich, but I did not want to argue with him, so I kept quiet,” Mhare said.

Neighbours who heard the noise gathered around to hear what the argument was about and Mazunze picked up stones and assaulted Mhare.

He was held back and rebuked by onlookers and he returned to his home, ostensibly calm.

After a few hours, Mazunze picked up an axe and went back to his neighbour’s house with the intention of chopping her up, but was stopped by onlookers who persuaded Mhare to file a report against him.

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