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Gweru film makers pay for toy gun stunt


TWO Gweru film producers were last week handed three-month suspended jail terms for simulating an armed robbery at a local shop using a toy gun.


Nyasha Chimedza (21) and Patience Tafireyi (18) of Mkoba 20 on March 6 2014 stormed an M and M Investments shop in Mkoba 18 around 7:50pm.

Chimedza produced a toy gun and handed it over to Tafireyi who pointed it at the cashier before ordering everyone who was at the shop to lie down.

Tafireyi demanded cash that was in the till, but one of the shop workers pounced on Chimedza. The two were arrested after the shopkeeper made a police report.

Gweru magistrate Pathekile Msipa convicted Chimedza and Tafireyi on assault charges and sentenced them to three months that were wholly suspended for five years on condition they are not convicted of an assault charge.

Chimedza and Tafireyi’s lawyers had told the court that the two were ignorant of the law, but had the potential to be productive citizens.

They said the two had co-produced seven local films, including My Temptation and Mabhanditi.

Lawyers said their clients did not intend to rob the shop, but wanted to see how people would react to a robbery as part of research for their upcoming film titled Dangerous Game.

However, Msipa said the two should have sought consent from the owner of the shop and senior staff.

The magistrate said she considered the youthfulness of the accused and that they were still pursuing education.

Msipa said the two did not intend to commit any crime.

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