Samsung TV goes frameless…

UHD S9V Series Frameless Smart TV - 110”
UHD S9V Series Frameless Smart TV – 110”

At an amazing 110″ screen size, you’ve never seen 4K UHD content like this. With incredibly life-like picture quality, lightning-fast smart performance and a stunningly massive screen, it’s the ultimate TV performance.

UHD Upscaling
UHD Upscaling delivers the complete UHD picture experience with a proprietary process including signal analysis, noise reduction, UHD upscaling and detail enhancement to seamlessly upconvert SD, HD or full HD content to near UHD-level picture quality.

UHD Dimming
UHD Dimming precisely scans an incredible amount zones across the entire image and adjusts brightness to deliver deeper darks and brighter whites. It virtually eliminates the “halo” effect and image distortion, so you’ll enjoy a crystal clear picture.

Ultra-clear panel
The Samsung Ultra-clear panel absorbs ambient light, reduces reflections and lets the picture come to life. It preserves the deeper blacks and enhances contrast for crystal clarity, so you can see clearly and enjoy more detail in brighter view conditions.

Clear motion rate 1 200
View every detail of action packed movies and sports with clear motion rate 1 200. The Samsung CMR uses the frame refresh rate, image processor speed and backlight technology to measure fast action, the result is incredible clarity.

Smart hub
Enjoy everything you love in one place. The smart hub organises your entertainment into five panels. Effortlessly navigate through live TV, movies, streaming content, social networks, apps plus games and more.

S recommendation
Receive personalised TV and movie recommendations based on your own preferences and what’s popular and trending. Just ask your TV things like “what action movies are on” or open the smart hub to browse suggestions.

Voice interaction
Easily control your TV with voice interaction. Voice command let’s you talk to the TV to search what’s on or to perform basic commands such as “last channel”, “record” or “turn off”. You can also add an accessory camera, which recognises your hand motions to browse the smart hub, play games and more.

Quad core plus
This powerful processor speeds up your smart hub experience. It gives you a faster browsing experience and enables you to switch between apps, stream content and multi-task faster. Plus, your TV will turn on 4x faster with instant on.

4K UHD standard future proof**
With the one-connect box, enjoy future UHD and smart TV advancements without having to buy a new TV by simply upgrading or adding a new one- connect box.** Each future upgrade requires purchase of a new one-connect box.

Smart remote control
The smart remote control gives you ultimate control of your smart TV. Select TV functions by talking into the built-in microphone. You can also use the touchpad to navigate quickly, or use the remote like a mouse and simply point and click.

DTS premium sound | 5.1™ decoding
Delivers immersive 5,1 surround sound from any DTS-encoded content and converts any two-channel audio content into a 5,1 DTS surround sound track for discrete surround sound playback. Samsung’s DNSe+ processing provides selectable custom settings for experiencing surround sound with maximum bass response, dialog clarity and consistent volume levels from any content source, including blue-ray movies, TV programming, streaming and games. – Online