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Crispen Ndlovu flies to Madagascar


BULAWAYO-BORN photographer Crispen Ndlovu has been invited to join photojournalists from all around the world in Madagascar to snap cameras at national sites in that country, for a photo exhibition.


Ndlovu (27) told Southern Eye Lifestyle that he has been invited to visit the ancient tribes of Madagascar – quite a rare feat for foreigners of a Zimbabwean extract.

“I will be leaving for Madagascar on July 28 till August 8 and I will be at a city called Mananjary. I was invited by a certain organisation and I am the only Zimbabwean in the contingent. I will join three other international photographers.

“We will take photos to be material for an exhibition to be mounted back in our respective countries,” he said.

Ndlovu who started photographing in 2008 described his interest as vested in landscapes and lifestyle.

“I like images in raw state they are captured in and do not really like adding effects or editing them after. I believe they are more convincing the way the camera picked them and captured them, the state the moment every detail froze,” he said.

Ndlovu said photography tells a story and soon he will be having a proper studio to display his works.

He encouraged other aspiring photographers to have a passion and follow it.

“If you have a passion you just have to follow it and know that you don’t need to be discouraged by criticism thrown at you. I have faced criticism for my radical photography notably the bare breasts project, but I am still going strong and not looking back,” he added.

Besides being a photographer, Ndlovu is writer and recently launched political satire Guveya in Bulawayo and in Harare which has opened debate about the Gukurahundi genocide.

He has penned a controversial book titled Selibona Nya! – a political satire that looks at the post-colonial era in Zimbabwe.


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