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Residents urged to demand essential services


THE MDC-T Bulawayo provincial executive has urged residents to stand up and demand essential services they are entitled to in the face of unending water and power cuts.


Bulawayo provincial deputy spokesperson Felix Magalela Mafa Sibanda said people must not pretend everything is normal when their rights are being violated.

The country has been experiencing serious power outages for several weeks, while several suburbs in Bulawayo have gone without water for days.

Sibanda said in Magwegwe, where he resides, residents had gone for some time now without water, but no explanation had been given by the responsible authorities.

“We do not have water and electricity most of the time and I do not think that is normal,” he said.

“Why do Zimbabweans adapt to strange situations when such human rights violations cannot be tolerated in other countries?” he asked.

“We have to fight all these evils. It appears most Zimbabweans have accepted the situation.”

Sibanda said MDC-T was disturbed by these incessant water and electricity cuts.

“Water is a basic right, therefore, council and central government must fulfil their obligations to the people.

We demand sanity in the provision of basic amenities,” he said.

In most high-density suburbs in Bulawayo, there is usually no electricity between 2pm and 10pm.

This seriously inconveniences residents and businesses which have to endure several hours without power.

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