Chombo asked to fire councillors

Ignatius Chombo
Ignatious Chombo
Ignatious Chombo

A shadowy group of Bulawayo residents under the banner of “Abandoned Residents-Luveve-Cowdray Park” has appealed to Local Government, Public Works and National Housing minister Ignatius Chombo to fire all councillors over recent changes to the city’s transport policy.


In a letter to council copied to Chombo, the residents accused councillors of failing to inform them residents on key issues affecting the community.

They cited the new transport policy, which compelled operators to register with the local authority or be banned.

“We, the residents of Bulawayo, particularly Luveve and Cowdray Park, do hereby request you to dissolve Bulawayo City Council for not putting us into its confidence. The transport draft was adopted against our wishes,” the letter dated March 30 read.

“It separated the two organisation’s routine, namely Tshova Mubaiwa and Bulawayo United Passenger Transport Association (Bupta) (sic).”

The letter said council action had forced Tshova Mubaiwa to abandon the Cowdray Park and Luveve routes.

“After a thorough study we realised that the draft was biased and was in favour of Bupta, the company whose directors are from council officials,” the group alleged.

“The sad story is that even our councillors whom we chose seem reluctant to help us. We are passing a vote of no confidence against the council and, therefore, pray for dissolution of the entire council! Enough is enough.”

However, engineering services director Simela Dube said extensive consultations were carried out.

“Needless to say, this process culminated in the crafting of the public transport policy,” he was quoted saying in the council minutes.

“As part of the implementation of the policy, two companies have been formed and these companies sat down and identified, in agreement with each other, areas that they want us to serve and operate in.

“The division of the city is not rigid, but should companies want to change the boundaries they are free to do so.”

Council’s transport policy compels on commuter omnibus owners to be affiliated to Tshova Mubaiwa Transport Company and Bupta, or any other company approved by the local authority.

The new measures followed the signing of a public transport policy agreement between council and public transporters in 2012.

Bupta will service the area east of Plumtree Road, covering all low and medium-density suburbs as well as western areas from Richmond and Cowdray Park to Khami Road.

Tshova Mubaiwa has been allocated the area between Plumtree Road and Khami Road.

The City Hall has been designated as its new pick up points.


  1. Don’t try to get in Council Chambers through the back door.If they are issues why not say them publicly? In any case are those issues affecting Cowdray Park-Luveve only? Why should somebody clandastinely articulate issues bypass local structures and present such issues to the MInister? Anyhow it’s not surprising,it is becoming a huge open secret that there is a big political hand behind these silly and dirty political manoeuvres and that and that Cowdray Park-Luveve Constituency has become a hub and centre for such conspiracies and destabilisation in the city of Bulawayo.

  2. Can’t get in Council Chambers through the back door.Those responsible should stop those silly and mischievous political manoeuvres.It is apparent that there is a big and notorious political hand behind this and that Cowdray Park -Luveve Constituency is now the hub and centre for these hostile and destabilisation political activities.

  3. i am sorry to say the people who are saying this ngabantu bokuza. abezizweni. bulawayo is the best run council at present yet suffering from government neglect from. laba abantu abasegcwele lapha kobulawayo abangenelisi ukukhuluma ulimi lwethu came here with a agenda from zanu. the worst thing is that ompofu labo moyo labo tshinga bayakuthanda lokho because of izikhundla at our expense.

  4. Gift Banda,Chigora,Mlandu Ncube,Charles Moyo and Jele all this councillors needs to be investigated to stealing land from Bulawayo City council

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