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Zapu condemns invasion of ex-Zipra cadre farm


ZAPU has condemned the invasion of a farm belonging to Zipra ex-combatant, John Gazi, by Zanu PF supporters, who are claiming the property is too big for one person.


Zanu PF supporters invaded Honey Bird Kop Farm, located about 40km along the Bulawayo-Plumtree Highway on Tuesday, and began allocating each other portions of the land.

Iphuthile Maphosa, the Zapu spokesperson, condemned the farm-grab in an interview with Southern Eye, saying the invaders should look elsewhere for land.

“We condemn the farm takeover, and judging from what we have seen before, it will not be surprising that these invaders are not from this region or are either used by people from outside the region.


“Every Zimbabwean deserves land, but it should be done in an orderly and fair manner to afford all citizens equal access to land and not what we are witnessing in Matabeleland, where outsiders are coming here to displace local people,” he said.

Maphosa said the opposition party was fed up with situations where people from outside the region come to “grab everything” from jobs to farms from them.

Recent land disputes have seen locals ganging up to block alleged outsiders from grabbing farms in parts of Matabeleland, notably at Maleme Ranch in Matobo.

Maphosa said the militant approach taken by Matobo people could easily result in violence, especially if the State failed to take necessary measures to cool perceptions of marginalisation of the region.

Meanwhile, Southern Eye established that Zanu PF supporters, who invaded Gazi’s Farm, were still on the property, pegging land for re-allocation. Gazi has engaged lawyers to evict the invaders. He said the invasion has jeopardised his plans to turn the cattle ranching farm into a game sanctuary.

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