Umguza council halts illegal developments, orders demolition

UMGUZA Rural District Council has halted the illegal development and parcelling-out of land at Lot 6, Montgomery Farm, while also ordering the demolition of illegal structures.


Suspected Zanu PF supporters have been illegally parcelling out land and servicing the area without council approval.


The Umguza council, in terms of the Regional Town and Country Planning Act 1996 Chapter 29:12 Section 32, ordered that the illegal settlers stop opening and construction of roads, allocation of stands to various individuals, construction of buildings and structures, drilling of boreholes and erection of boundary fence and walls without its approval.

The council also ordered the land owners to demolish all unapproved buildings and restore the land to its original state within 21 days.

“You are ordered to cease any other unauthorised use of the land, remove all the materials on the site and vacate within 21 days from the date of this order,” reads the order which will come into operation on January 11, 2016 unless an appeal is lodged within one month.

Recently an Umguza miner, Moffat Assan Phiri, was jailed for masquerading as a council official and defrauded desperate Bulawayo home-seekers of $3 700 in a residential stands scam at Montgomery Farm. Several land seekers have illegally acquired pieces of land at the farm without the council’s approval.

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