Panic grips villagers as last sources of water dry up

WATER levels in most parts of Gwanda have dropped to alarming levels, with some villagers now resorting to rationing to conserve the little available water supplies.


The worst-affected areas include the Mawene area under Chief Nhlamba in Gwanda South, where both humans and livestock are struggling to get drinking water as most of the water points have dried up.

Mothosi Nyathi, a villager in the area, told Southern Eye that life was now unbearable due to the shortage of water.

“The Huba borehole is the only one in this area which still has water. Water levels are now at their lowest point and we are trying to save the little still available,” Nyathi said.

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Another villager, Mercy Mazhale, said community leaders had agreed to remove the pumping lever which was now being kept by the borehole attendant.

The villages now only fetch water from the borehole between 3pm and 5pm every day.

“Our elders agreed that we have to pump water for two hours a day. As you can see, all households in the village have brought their water buckets,” she said.

People were seen waiting anxiously at the borehole for the attendant to come and pump the water for everyone in the community, including animals.

School pupils in the village said their life would be hard next week when the first term of the year begins as they would be expected to fetch water after classes.

Zimbabwe is currently experiencing a heatwave and a long dry spell as little rains have so far fallen this farming season owing to the ravaging El Nino-induced drought.

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