Be wary of being used ‘as dogs of war’ -MDC

THE opposition MDC has warned war veterans to be wary of being used “as dogs of war” by Zanu PF officials when it suits them and dumped when they become a nuisance to the party.


MDC Matabeleland South provincial chairman Pilate Ndebele, who is an ex-Zipra cadre, said the recent physical attack on a group of war veterans in Harare by police confirmed that the ruling party only recognised their importance when they were campaigning for Zanu PF.

“The assault on colleagues is painful to us. It is sad that they left their homes in various parts of the country forgetting that (President Robert) Mugabe ‘s government has never wished to assist on issues affecting them but only wanted to use and dump them,” Ndebele said.


“They are just being used all the time to assist Zanu PF gurus to stay in power. Mugabe just wants them to assist him secure his hold on power and also enable him to leave power on the hands of his family.”

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