Hwange Zanu PF councillor back in court

A HWANGE Zanu PF councillor, who was last year sentenced to perform 420 hours of community service after being convicted of defrauding a desperate Bulawayo home seeker, was on Tuesday this week back in court charged with defrauding other home seekers of more than $19 300.


Farai Matavire Shoko (42), of Mbizha Ward 6, was not asked to plead when he appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Gladmore Mushove and was remanded out of custody to March 10 for trial.

Prosecutor Jeremiah Mutsindikwa presented that during the month of January last year, Shoko advertised in a local newspaper that he was selling stand number 7096 Cowdray Park through an agent, one Mike Ndlovu, who is now late.


On January 9 last year, it is alleged, Lovemore Nkosiyabo Mutambiranwa (27) of Famona met Shoko at Ndlovu’s office where he was told the stand was in the name of Detective Shoko, his son.

Mutambiranwa is said to have paid $1 300 as deposit for the stand which was being sold for $1 800 and was also asked to pay $200 into council’s account for servicing.

The State alleges Shoko drafted a memorandum of agreement and wrote an affidavit that he was selling the stand on behalf of Detective Shoko and was later paid the balance of $500 on February 7.

Apparently, Mutambiranwa started development on the stand and built two rooms spending $3 000 in the process but later discovered the stand belonged to Kevin Moyo after verifying with the council.

Again on November 14, 2014 Shoko told Bhekinkosi Macleans Moyo (42) of Malindela that a Doctor K Moyo of Matshobane was selling stand number 19254 Cowdray Park at $2 350.

Shoko allegedly drafted an agreement of sale after Moyo had paid him $1 800 deposit.

The two agreed that Moyo would clear the balance of $550 after making verification with the city council on stand ownership.

Between November 2014 and December last year Moyo constructed a five-roomed house valued at $12 000 but was shocked when Doctor K Moyo said he had not given Shoko permission to sell the stand.

Moyo lost a total of $13 800 through the alleged fraud.

As if that was not enough, in December 2014 Patricia Chigwedere (26) met Shoko in Cowdray Park who showed her the stand claiming it was on sale for $2 500.

During the same month Chigwedere and Shoko went to Cheda Lawyers and Partners offices where a memorandum of agreement of sale was signed after Chigwedere paid $1 500 as deposit.

By the end of the month Shoko allegedly brought a BancABC deposit slip to Chigwedere as confirmation of payment to council for registration of the stand.

However, in August last year Chigwedere visited Cowdray Park housing office and discovered that the stand was in Edmore Ncube’s name.

She then confronted Shoko who showed him another stand and further verifications of deposit slips done at BancABC by Chigwedere disclosed only R1 000 was deposited as opposed to $1 500.

She then reported the matter to the police, leading to Shoko’s arrest.

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