Why Leon Schuster is This Writer’s Greatest South Africa Film Aficionado


South African film has come a long way over the years. Many fantastic actors, writers, producers, and directors have graced the stage. But one name tends to pop up as an enduring icon for South Africans across the spectrum. He is the inimitable Leon Schuster. He has written, directed, produced, and starred in scores of South African blockbusters, and his name is golden to millions of adoring fans.

A Comic Genius That South Africans Can Be Proud Of

Over the years, Leon Schuster has slowed down, and rightly so. His brand of comic genius is best described as ‘slaphappy’, ‘punchdrunk’, or perhaps even ‘skop, skiet, en donder’. The latter is South African parlance for raucous action. One thing Leon Schuster did better than anyone was that exposed our innate prejudice through stereotypes and made an absolute mockery of all of us in the process. Schuster operated at a time when apartheid was in full swing. His in-your-face, tongue-in-cheek comedy got him into plenty of trouble over the years from people across the racial divide.

Among his many world-class films were ‘You Must Be Joking!’ in 1986, ‘Oh Schucks, It’s Schuster’ from 1989, ‘Sweet ‘n Short’ from 1991, and a classic blockbuster in ‘Mr Bones’ from 2001. Of course, in true Schuster style, he followed up with many sequels over the years, including ‘Oh Schucks … I’m Gatvol’, from 2004, and the long-awaited ‘Mr Bones 2: Back from the Past’ from 2008. Over the years, Schuster has entertained millions of South African moviegoers and a growing contingent of foreigners alike.

Leon Schuster Has Perfected the Comedy Disguise

A prominent theme in Schuster flicks is animals. He goes deep into the bush, in search of the craziest situations to scare the kak out of actors and unsuspecting walk-ons. You’re likely to see lions, buffalo, zebras, kudu, crocodiles, and giraffes in flicks like Mr Bones, Frank and Fearless, and Mama Jack. In fact, one of his movies took place near the world-famous casino Sun City. If you are keen to get into the swing of things, you may consider mega moolah slot at mansioncasino.com/za for a taste of a true Schuster-style movie experience. No jokes! It’s as wild as this slot game.

For those who don’t know, Schuster’s brand of humour relies on creating an illusion for people on camera. In many of his movies, people simply don’t know what’s going on, and their reactions make the scenes come to life. Consider it like candid camera, only it’s better than Borat or Ali G because everybody already knows those characters. Schuster dresses up as a run-of-the-mill person – Indian, Chinese, Malay, Caucasian, you name it – but you’ll never know it’s him behind the disguise.

A Tribute to The Lion-Sized Heart of a True South African Patriot

The phenomenal success of Leon Schuster’s movies has made him one of the wealthiest South African entertainment characters of all time. Not only has he won awards for his comic genius – Best Actor in a Feature Film for Mama Jack – Golden Horn Award, but he is worth a mint.  According to Celebrity Net Worth, Leon Schuster, the famed South African filmmaker is worth $3 million. In South African rands, that’s a hefty chunk of change – R45 million, and he’s not done yet. At the tender young age of just 69 years old (he was born in May 1951), South Africans have many more Leon Schuster film to look forward to in coming years. His list of achievements is extraordinary, and his comedy genius has spanned decades. He has successfully ushered South Africans through the darkest of times.

Leon Schuster, South Africa salutes you with thunderous applause!