Ncube, WeUtonga rock Hifa


Norway-based musician Busi Ncube and Edith WeUtonga Katijin on Saturday staged a magical performance at Harare International Festival of the Arts Lays Global stage.

Report by Kundai Marunya

Performing at a completely sold out venue that saw scores of fans thronging the stage, the two literally set the house on fire.

They showcased a true version of collaborative performance where the band performed superbly.

Ncube and WeUtonga took turns leading various songs, complementing each other in a way that left fans on their feet dancing all the way.

Ncube’s Shosholoza literally brought the house on fire.

It cajoled the fans with WeUtonga making the bass guitar roar.

WeUtonga took her turn in leading the song Mukaranga off her album Utonga, receiving an overwhelming response from the crowd and Ncube, who then borrowed legendary Alick Macheso’s Zora butter dance.

The whole venue went wild joining Ncube till the end of the song.

When one thought they had seen it all, Ncube introduced one of her early hits True Love.

Towards the end Weutonga spoke with the bass to every word of the chorus before echoing the childhood remix of the song.