Cops charged for assaulting reveller


TWO police officers based at Queens Park East Police Station have been arraigned before the courts for allegedly assaulting a reveller for no apparent reason.

By Khulani Nkabinde

Emmanuel Chimbo (28) and Emmanuel Duvi (24) appeared before magistrate, Witness Mtetwa on Monday, facing assault charges under Section 89 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act, Chapter 9:23.

Prosecutor Marlvin Nzombe told the court that the police officers met the complainant Langalakhe Nkiwane who resides in Kingsdale suburb, as he was coming out of Sports 747 Bar on May 18 in the company of his friends.

The accused police officers were in police uniform.

“Duvi then ordered the complainant and his friends to stop and they all complied,” he said. “The complainant then came closer to Duvi to hear what he was saying to his friends.

“One of his friends then asked Duvi why he was ordering them to stop.”

At this point, Chimbo who was standing a few metres away, came closer shouting and demanding to know why the complainant was talking to his colleague, Nzombe said.

Chimbo then allegedly grabbed the complainant and dragged him for some few metres.

He then assaulted the complainant with open hands on the face and his colleague, Duvi also joined in, assaulting the complainant with open hands on the face and kicking him with booted feet on the legs.

They allegedly dragged him again for a further few metres.

Nzombe said the complainant tried to escape from the beatings, but one of the officers tripped him and he fell to the ground, injuring his right leg.

Nzombe said the officers then left without saying anything.

“The complainant was assisted by his friends who accompanied him to the police station to make a report, leading to the arrest of Chimbo and Duvi.

The two are out on $30 bail each and will next appear in court on June 17.