Parents fume over misuse of school funds

PARENTS at Mawaba Primary School in Lobengula West suburb in Bulawayo, have petitioned the Education, Sport, Arts and Culture ministry to investigate the alleged embezzlement of funds at the school by the head.

Report by Blondie Ndebele

In a letter copied to the Bulawayo Progressive Residents’ Association (BPRA), parents appealed to the ministry to conduct an external audit on the alleged mismanagement at the school allegedly by the school head Maureen Dlamini.

The school held an annual general meeting on May 26 and the School Development Committee (SDC) was dissolved after analysis of the SDC report, headmistress’ report and the financial statements of the school.

“The former SDC financial statement was flawed and full of loopholes with no specifics on the expenditure details,” the petition read.
It alleged that the statement contradicted the initial statement for 2013 printed in January and the incentive figures were inconsistent as they varied from one statement to another.

“The new committee was elected, but has not been inducted or handed over any work to date. So who signs the papers since the old SDC was dissolved?” the parents asked.

They alleged that Dlamini single-handedly, and unilaterally called a civic day on June 5, without the knowledge of the SDC and/or the parents.

“This amounts to fraudulent activities as the civic day funds are remitted in the general purpose funds, which are administered by her alone.”

Disgruntled parents said they have never been told about
the bank account and the tuckshop purchases stand at
$4 378 and showing no signs of profit.

Dlamini is also accused of ill-treating her fellow workmates resulting in some of the SDC members resigning.

Contacted for comment, Dlamini said she does not talk to the media.
“Those who have a problem should come to Mawaba or go to the district education officer and not to the media,” she said.

BPRA co-ordinator Rodrick Fayayo said: “We support any initiative by the residents, not that we are against the head, but an external audit would prove what is happening at the school.”

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