Adulterous man defies chief, jailed


BINGA — A Binga man has been thrown into remand prison after he defied a chief’s order to compensate his brother for having an affair with his sibling’s wife.


Justice Mwinde (35) of Siansali, Kariangwe was caught red handed by his brother, sleeping with his wife and was ordered to pay $100 and two beasts. He, however, defied the order and this saw him being thrown into remand prison.

Mwinde pleaded guilty to a contempt of court charge when he appeared before Binga resident magistrate Stephen Ndlovu.

The magistrate convicted and remanded him in custody to July 8 for sentence.

For the State, Bruce Maphosa told the court that Mwinde was on a date not mentioned, but in 2011, caught by his brother Daimon having sexual intercourse with his wife.

Daimon reported the case to Chief Siansali who convicted and ordered Justin to pay his brother $100 and two head of cattle.

It is the State case that Justin only paid $50 and did not fully comply with the chief’s order, leading Daimon to report the matter to the police who then arrested him.

In his plea of guilty, Justin told the court that he did not have cattle to pay his brother, but has a scotchcart which he tried to use to pay Daimon, but he did not accept it. When asked why he chose to sleep with his brother’s wife, Justin said his brother’s wife was the one who persistently pestered him to have sex with her.

“She is the one who pestered me to do it,” he said. “She told me that my brother was weak in bed and she wanted me to have sex with her.

“I refused on several occasions, but I later gave in because she insisted.

“We got used to doing it and that led us to being caught. I am very ashamed that I did something like that.”

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