Gweru council scraps residents’ debts

GWERU — The city of Gweru became the latest local authority to fully comply with a government directive to scrap residents’ debts accrued before 2009 and advised that clients who had paid after that date would have the amounts credited to their current accounts.

Stephen Chadenga

Town clerk Daniel Matawu said the council had fully complied with the government directive.

“The entire community of Gweru is hereby notified that City of Gweru has fully complied with the government directive,” he said in a statement.

“Bills for water, sewer and refuse rates have been reversed and statements
with current bills have been sent to consumers.

“Those clients who paid after June have had their amounts credited to their accounts and as a result their accounts appear as paid in advance.”

Meanwhile, Matawu urged corporates to negotiate a payment plan for arrears, warning they risked legal action.

“Corporates should settle their current bills and call our offices to negotiate an amicable payment plan for arrears to avoid legal action,” he said.

In July this year, Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo ordered the country’s 92 local authorities to cancel debts owed by residents, dating the reprieve back to February 2009.

Chombo said the move was meant to ease the burden on ratepayers who owed huge amounts to local authorities.

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