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Hyenas wreak havoc in Inyathi


HYENAS have reportedly invaded Bona village and surrounding areas in Inyathi district Ward 21 where they are terrorising villagers and killing livestock.


The hyenas are believed to have escaped from the Hwange National Park where the perimeter fence was vandalised and have been roaming through neighbouring communities feeding on livestock.

Ward 21 councillor Violet Baloyi said the wild dogs had so far killed more than 50 cattle, goats and donkeys. She said a lot of villagers’ livestock was walking wounded after being attacked by the hyenas.

Baloyi said the marauding wild dogs started terrorising villagers in 2009 and although they had continuously reported the case to Campfire authorities in the Bubi Rural District Council, nothing had materialised.

She said the presence of the menacing wild dogs had also affected their farming outputs.

“We are farmers and we can’t carry out our farming activities extensively because the hyenas are stalking us and our animals that we use for ploughing are being killed or wounded,” said Baloyi.

“We appeal to the authorities concerned to come and help us out.

“If they don’t help us, we will end up killing those hyenas because they are affecting our livelihood,” she added.

Villagers in the Jambezi area of Hwange district reportedly lost dozens of cattle to lions and hyenas in January.

In 2011, hyenas also wreaked havoc in Makakavhule, Umzingwane and River Ranch resettlement area where they reportedly killed villagers’ cattle and donkeys in the grazing areas.

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