Death plunge teen buried


ZIMBABWEAN teenager Nyasha Johwa (18), who died in South Africa last week after plunging from a sixth-floor flat window after being allegedly found naked in bed with another man’s wife in Hillbrow, Johannesburg, South Africa, has been buried.


Johwa was buried yesterday at West Park Cemetery after a service at the Mzilikazi Baptist Church in Bulawayo. A family representative barred journalists and mourners from taking pictures during the service and burial.

“Zwanini lapha bantu bamaphepha nxa likhona, asifuni bantu abayathatha amapicture lapha, silocameraman wethu nanguya. (We don’t want members of the Press to take pictures here, we have our own cameraman),” he said.

Johwa’s case is being handled by the South African police who are still investigating whether the deceased jumped or was pushed out of the window of the the sixth-floor block.