Thief wears loot to court


A DUMB thief who threw away his old sandals for stolen new ones was convicted of theft and unlawful entry by Gwanda magistrate Sheila Nazombe yesterday.


Bekezela Thwala (19) pleaded not guilty to both charges, but was convicted after appearing in court wearing stolen sandals which the owner managed to identify.

The trial took a dramatic turn when the complainant Luke Blessing Nyabadza took to the witness stand and demanded that Thwala takes off his sandals.

Thwala confessed that the sandals belonged to Nyabadza, but said they were given to him by police officers after they severely assaulted him and tore his sandals in the process.

However, the cop who arrested Thwala, Simon Maguyo, denied giving the accused the sandals.

The sandals are part of a $1 259 loot that Thwala allegedly stole from Nyabadza’s house on Tuesday.

Property worth $1 156 was recovered.

Allegations against Thwala as outlined by State prosecutor Jefta Nyikadzinashe were that on Tuesday he unlawfully gained entry into Nyabadza’s house by entering through the window.

He stuffed an assortment of goods that included a laptop, electrical appliances and clothing in a tshangani bag.

In his defence, Thwala said he had gone to the camp to look for one Reason Ncube and was shown the stolen bag and goods hidden in a bushy area.