Close bars at 6pm: Mayor

BULAWAYO mayor Martin Moyo on Wednesday made a shocking proposal that the city’s drinking outlets should close at 6pm as a way of curbing noise pollution and litter in the central business district (CBD).


Speaking at a two-day residents’ association summit being hosted by the Bulawayo Progressive Residents’ Associations, Moyo expressed concern at the increasing random littering of the city’s streets despite council placing garbage cans in the CBD.

“You as residents, need to put on your shoulders the responsibility of managing litter by placing it in your bins. If you are driving, it’s a bad habit to throw litter out of the window. We are seriously considering what to do about that and also get in dialogue with food outlets,” Moyo said.

When asked what council was doing to help reduce littering, Moyo responded by saying maybe pubs and night spots should shut their doors at 6pm.

“What if pubs close, say at 6pm? Will that assist in reducing litter?” Moyo asked.

There were murmurs of disapproval from most participants.

Depending on the liquor licence, night clubs, bottle stores and sports bars open and close at different times.

Night clubs usually close in the wee hours of the morning. By 6pm, most drinking spots would not have opened or would be having just a few patrons.

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