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Soldier in trouble for biting cop during arrest


A NEWLY-ATTESTED soldier based in Masvingo got himself into trouble for biting a policeman who was in the process of arresting a suspect, resulting in the suspect’s temporary escape.


Vincent Munsaka (23) of Siabuwa, Binga, pleaded guilty to assault when he appeared before Binga resident magistrate Stephen Ndlovu last Friday. The magistrate convicted and fined him $50 or three months in prison.

He was also sentenced to an additional three-month jail term wholly suspended for five years on condition of good behaviour.

Prosecutor David Never Shiku told the court that on December 7, the cop, Mbonisi Ndlangasi (23), who is based at Siabuwa Police Station, was with his colleagues manning a roadblock at Siabuwa business centre.

Ndlangasi’s colleague placed one Mike Makore under arrest for disorderly behaviour at a public place.

The police officers had the suspect at the roadblock when Munsaka arrived and told Makore to run away branding him lazy by allowing the police to detain him.

Munsaka held Ndlangasi and told him to release Makore resulting in a scuffle between the cop and the soldier as he tried to arrest him for interfering with police duties.

Munsaka bit Ndlangasi in the chest in an effort to avoid arrest. The soldier was later arrested. During the scuffle Makore tried to run away, but was apprehended.

A medical report showed that Ndlangasi suffered moderate injuries as a result of the bite although he will have a permanent mark on his chest.

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