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Gweru headmaster assaults teacher


A Lower Gweru school headmaster has been fined for assaulting a female teacher following a misunderstanding over the subordinate’s request to visit a doctor.

Stephen Chadenga
Own Correspondent

Enerst Duduza of Maboleni High School queried Shiela Chipenga’s sincerity arguing she had a tendency of absenting herself from work for days only to return with sick notes from doctors.

Duduza was fined $200 and should he fail to pay, he would spend three months in jail for assaulting the complainant on her breast.

It was the State’s case that sometime in December last year, Chipenga approached Duduza to ask him why he had not approved her request to consult a doctor.

Duduza was not amused and told her that she was in the habit of asking to attend court only to come after several days with a doctor’s letter indicating she had been ill.

The response infuriated Chipenga who insulted her boss saying he was “like a cow smelling of milk”.

She told Duduza that she was older than him and could not tell her what to do.

This did not go down well with the school head who upon meeting her in the corridor told her she was not his mother and assaulted her on the breast using his shoulders several times.

Chipenga made a report to the police, leading to Duduza’s arrest.

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