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Makandiwa prayed for Mugabe’s sister


PRESIDENT ROBERT MUGABE’S family yesterday revealed that they consulted many prophets among them the United Family Interdenominational Church founder Emmanuel Makandiwa during his sister Bridgette’s long illness, to no avail.


Bridgette was in a coma for three years before her death on Sunday.

Her nephew Leo Mugabe told mourners they had invited virtually all known prophets to pray for her.

“She fell sick when my mother (Sabina) was being buried (in 2010). The family, myself included, prayed very hard and all the prophets came to hospital,” he said.

“Makandiwa came to the hospital and all the prophets you know of because people wanted to know of the solution that would make her well.

“We wanted to see if God could do something about her condition and we were told that she had been taken to a place between heaven and earth while God was preparing her place.

“I want to say congratulations; your place was finished on Sunday after three-and-a-half years of waiting.”

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