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‘Cheating’ wife axed to death


IN an incident that left residents of Robert Sinyoka settlement on the outskirts of St Peter’s in Bulawayo shell shocked, a man axed his 29-year-old wife in the head after allegedly catching her with a lover on Saturday.


She died soon after arriving at Mpilo Central Hospital.

Neighbours yesterday said Mandlenkosi Ncube struck his wife Nobuhle Moyo with an axe in the head, cheeks, arm and leg in the early hours of Saturday morning when he found her at a neighbour’s homestead. The neighbour was only identified as Gumbo.

When Southern Eye visited Ncube’s homestead yesterday, only a handful of residents, including the woman’s brothers Shepherd and Qalani Moyo, were at the funeral wake.

A neighbour Busani Moyo said Ncube allegedly caught his wife at Gumbo’s homestead and a fight broke out between the two men.

“Ncube fought with Gumbo and Gumbo got a chance to flee from the scene leaving Nobuhle with her husband.

“That is when he struck his wife with an axe several times,” said Busani.

The woman’s brother Qalani said he was still in a state of shock, adding that he was called by his mother from Plumtree telling him that something terrible had happened.

“I just came yesterday only to discover that this man callously murdered my sister by axing her, splitting her head,” he said.

“ He reportedly forced her to lie on a thorny tree branch and axed her.”

After axing her, Ncube allegedly put his wife in a wheelbarrow and tried to ferry her to the clinic with blood dripping all over.

The woman’s other brother Shepherd said trouble started when they were working together with the couple at a neighbour’s place on Friday where they also drank beer.

He said Ncube was just belligerent and wanted to assault everyone and it came as shock to learn in the early hours of Saturday morning that he had axed his sister to death. Police could not be reached for comment yesterday.

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