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Chiwundura clan in chieftainship wrangle


THE CHIWUNDURA clan in the Midlands is embroiled in a chieftaincy wrangle that is threatening to tear the family apart, documents in possession of Southern Eye reveal.


A letter dated February 3, 2014 addressed to the provincial administrator (PA) by a group of disgruntled Chiwundura family members reveals the succession battle that has sucked in the district administrator (DA).

The disgruntled family accused DA Shepherd Marwei of wanting to impose members of the family who should not be involved in the chieftainship.

“Due to the outcome of the minutes of the February 1 2014 meeting held at Gunde, we the house of Mudhenga and Takawira declare the following: the DA did not give all members of the houses a chance to air their views.

He only gives the houses of Tawengwa and Gandira a chance to speak, but which are not involved in the chieftainship,” part of the letter reads.

The Mudhenga and Takawira families claim the chieftainship belongs to them.

Minutes of the chieftaincy succession meeting held on February 1 show that Marwei chaired the meeting that turned violent after the Takawira and Mudhenga houses accused the DA of taking sides.

“Marwei had to scurry for cover in his vehicle,” a member of the family John Chiwundura said.

Repeated efforts to get a comment from Marwei were fruitless as his mobile phone went unanswered. The disgruntled family said it now pinned its hopes on the PA to resolve the feud before it gets out of hand.

“We hope the PA’s office will give finality to the dispute,” John said.

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