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Chief descends on adulterous couple


CHIEF Ndube of Matenda in Insiza has fined a widow and her married boyfriend $750 for engaging in an illicit love affair.


The widow, Ottilia Ncube (40), was accused of engaging in a love affair with a married man, Sikhumbuzo Dungeni, a known gold buyer in the district.

A villager who spoke to Southern Eye yesterday said Ncube’s husband died more than a year ago and she told her children that she could not manage on her own and wanted a partner to assist in taking care of them.

“Ncube started a love affair with Dungeni, but his wife has on several occasions confronted and attacked her at her shop in Filabusi,” the villager said.

“She reported the matter and the case was taken to court for settlement on September 25 last year.

“The court ruled that Dungeni’s wife should stop confronting Ncube at her own place.”

Dungeni’s wife then took the matter to Chief Ndube.

Ncube yesterday confirmed that the chief ordered her to pay Dungeni’s wife $150 for snatching her husband and also charged her $300 for the chief’s court (inkundla).

“On October 2 last year, the chief ordered me to pay $150 to Dungeni’s wife which I have since paid and charged me $300 meant for her court fees,” she said.

“Dungeni was only charged $300 for the chief’s court.

“I am struggling to raise the remaining $300 because I have children going to school and I have difficulties raising their fees.

“As I speak, yesterday (Tuesday) the chief sent the village head to demand the money saying she was giving me only two days to settle the amount.

“Since I do not have the money, I am living in fear of what is going to happen. I am just waiting for whatever she will do to me since this area is hers.” Ncube said.

Chief Ndube yesterday confirmed the issue saying Dungeni and Ncube’s affair was reported to her by Ncube’s in-laws and Dungeni’s wife.

“Ncube had lost her husband and even before the year ended, her in-laws told me that she came to them and said she had found another man,” Chief Ndube said.

“Do you think that is right? People no longer respect death and just hurriedly go into new relationships like that. Culture does not allow that.”

She said when Ncube and Dungeni were brought to her court they pleaded guilty and openly told the court that they were lovers and would not separate.

“As we speak the man wakes up at Ncube’s place every day. As chiefs, we have problems that whenever we solve these controversial issues, there are some clever people who bypass us and seek lawyers to reverse our ruling.

“This means that the powers we have been lobbying for and were granted by President Robert Mugabe are being taken by other people,” she said.

Chief Ndube said her area faced numerous similar cases and urgent corrective measures should be taken to restore culture and tradition as it was in Matabeleland in yesteryear.

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