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Another gruesome murder rocks city


A TAXI driver was on Friday night allegedly robbed and shot dead by unknown assailants and his body was dumped in Bulawayo’s Famona suburb.


Police spokesperson Assistant Abednico Ncube could not readily avail details yesterday, but indicated that they were aware of the alleged murder.

“We heard of the incident but we have no details at the moment,” he said.

However, residents who spoke to Southern Eye said the body of the taxi driver was dumped in a bushy area along 17th Street a few meters behind Gifford High School.

“We just woke up and saw the body dumped in the grass at the end of 19th Avenue. The body appeared to have a gunshot wound,” said a Famona resident.

“ We are now afraid because to walk in this area. Since we stayed in this area we have never witnessed such a incident.”

A sombre atmosphere engulfed the area as the streets were deserted with residents locked in their flats.

The taxi driver who was identified as Knowledge was employed by Open Line Taxis.

Knowledge’s employer whose name could not be ascertained reported the matter to Donnington Police.

A search was then made and the body was found in the nearby bush.

A bullet cartridge was found on the scene suggesting that the assailants used a gun to rip open his head.

He was found with $10 in his pockets.

It became the third gruesome murder in the city in as many days after a Gwabalanda kombi driver Gellot Ncube killed his estranged wife Nomqhele Nkiwane before hanging himself on Wednesday night.

The following day and also at night Arthur Sibanda of Entumbane suburb allegedly killed Elvis Dube after hitting him with a spanner on the head and ribs.

Sibanda had found Dube in the same room with his estranged wife.

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