Bulawayo sex workers wreak havoc in Filabusi


FILABUSI women have accused night club and bar operators at the business centre of importing commercial sex workers from Bulawayo saying they had spread a reign of terror against local women.


The local women accused the imported sex workers of snatching their husbands as well as recruiting school leavers and young girls into vice.

One woman told Southern Eye that prostitution had spiralled out of control in the area and seriously threatening their cultural and moral fibre.

She said the escalation of prostitution in Filabusi was due to some businessmen going as far as Bulawayo and even Mutare in some instances, to bring prostitutes to their night spots as bait for male customers, some of who have since abandoned and neglected their wives and families to enjoy life with the sex workers.

The woman said three night spot owners were making brisk business due to their marketing of prostitution.

She alleged that over and above the importation of sex workers, the businessmen had gone a step further and were offering their backyard premises for a fee for the ladies of the night to entertain their clients.

“These women live large here,” the woman, who declined to be named, said.

“They cash a lot of money and I understand that they are in contracts with the businesspeople such that they remit a certain percentage of the money they make daily.”

She said a certain businessman provided accommodation to sex workers at his disused butchery storerooms and workers’ cottages where men can go and be entertained. She said immorality had completely enveloped Filabusi centre and it was no longer strange to find people engaging in sex in open spaces just outside the clubs at night.

“The activities by the prostitutes are destroying and defeating the purpose of the National Aids Council and the District AidsCommittee who are working hard to educate people on the dangers of contracting HIV and Aids,” the woman said.

“This is because according to what I heard, these prostitutes make varying offers to men for different prices. I am told there is unprotected sex which is a bit expensive, short time and overnight.

“It is obvious that unprotected sex has a high risk of HIV and Aids contraction and if this continues to happen, Filabusi will die because men are seen jostling for these imported prostitutes.”

She also said the sex workers were very violent towards local women as one woman was assaulted and stabbed by the ladies of the night after confronting them when she found one of them standing with her husband.

“They arrogantly told her that she could only show off with her husband at home because in public he belonged to them.

“As a result of the ongoings here, the women approached Insiza Rural District Council chief executive officer Fedris Manhombe and district administrator (DA) Sithandiwe Ncube threatening violence against the prostitutes if the local authority did not intervene to end the activities saying the police were not acting, but were aware of the vice,” the source said.

The sex workers also conduct meetings and recruit young girls who they allegedly take to Mutare for training and this had resulted in a number of young girls and school leavers joining this profession. The residents said the licensing of these night clubs by council was fuelling anti-social behaviour in the area.

The DA said no one had approached her office over the issue.

“I am not yet informed about that. No one has come to me,” Ncube said.

Manhombe said no one had approached council, but confirmed that people had complained about the rampant prostitution.

“No one has approached me about that although I am aware that people have been complaining about prostitution,” he said.

Manhombe could not be drawn into revealing the steps council had taken to deal with the alleged prostitution.