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Injiva kicked out of own house


PUMULA South resident Herbert Ndlovu, based in South Africa, was last Thursday ejected from the house he built in 2009 after the now defunct, Bobs Developer, sold the stand to two people.


According to his brother Thandolwenkosi Ndlovu, who stays at the house, Herbert built the house in 2009 and took occupancy of it in the same year.

“Herbert built this house in 2009 after buying the stand form Bobs Developer. The owner of the developer is said to have died overseas some time ago,” Thandolwenkosi said.

“In 2013, my brother was called in from South Africa to come and solve the ownership issue after the sheriff had issued an ejection order.”

Thandolwenkosi said according to the eviction order he was shown by the sherriff, Bobs Developer sold the stand to his brother and a Collin Ndlovu. Thandolwenkosi said Collin came and built a few rows of bricks on a structure his brother Herbert had already started.

A neighbour who identified herself as Elina Mudando, who also began building a house in the same neighbourhood in 2009, said Collin built on top of an existing structure.

“Herbert is the one who built this house and l saw him doing it from scratch to finish. He won the first court case over ownership of the house and I am surprised that the ruling has gone the other way this time around,” Mudando said.

Another neighbour Phathi Moyo said there were about 300 houses with the same problem of dual ownership and it was not fair to evict Herbert. Moyo said Collin should have first approached the residents’ association.

“Most people here have the problem of dual ownership and Collin should have approached the residents’ association for information and we would have advised him to go and deal with the developer and not to seek a court order evicting an innocent person,” Moyo said.

A member of the local residents’ association Lovemore Mudando said the High Court Sheriff gave the occupants 48 hours to vacate the house even after Thandolwenkosi had requested that they phone his brother Herbert in South Africa to clarify the issue.

Another neighbour said councillor for Ward 27, Siboniso Khumalo, should have been at the forefront assisting the evicted family, but he had allegedly told them that their section was under Zanu PF and he would not assist.

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