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Police raid Radio Dialogue


POLICE on Tuesday raided Radio Dialogue studios in Bulawayo and acting director Zenzele Ndebele’s residence on suspicion of possession of broadcasting equipment.

Zenzele Ndebele
Zenzele Ndebele


Ndebele was again summoned to the Bulawayo Central Police Station yesterday where the police reportedly told him that they had information that the organisation had broadcasting equipment that would be used to sabotage the ongoing Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF).

“Yesterday (Tuesday), police details raided our office studios and my home on suspicion that we had broadcasting equipment. However, they did not find the broadcasting equipment,” Ndebele said.

“I was summoned by the police again today (yesterday) where I was told that they still had information that we had broadcasting equipment that we wanted to use to sabotage the ZITF. Radio Dialogue has always been patriotic to Bulawayo and we support the ZITF as it brings business to the city.”

Ndebele said the government should instead concentrate on fixing the economy and delivering promises made to the people before elections.

A search warrant signed by the officer-in-charge of the police’s Law and Order section – a Detective Inspector Mhandu – on Tuesday and addressed to an Assistant Inspector Z Moyo said police were searching for “radio transmitting equipment, documents containing or capable of dispatching information which adversely affect the interests of the State (sic)”.

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