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Telecel donates to flood victims


TELECEL Zimbabwe on Friday donated cooking oil, rice, sugar, maize-meal, salt and other foodstuffs to the Tsholotsho flood victims.


The donation was handed over to Matabeleland North Provincial Affairs minister Cain Mathema at the Telecel stand at the just-ended Zimbabwe International Trade Fair. Receiving the donation on behalf of the flood victims, Mathema said the villagers were in great need of support as the severe floods had left them homeless.

Last month Telecel made a similar donation to the Tokwe-Mukosi flood victims.

The Tsholotsho floods that affected more than 80 families were a result of the Gariya Dam spilling and overflowing into Gwayi and other rivers.

The government, non-governmental organisations and individuals have been pooling together resources to send relief packages to the Tsholotsho villagers..

The affected areas include Butabubili, Gariya, Dzokotsi, Mtshina, Sandawana, Sasedza, Mahlaba, Mapili, Mahlosi, Mbanyana, Matupula, Mbamba and Jimila villages.

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