Gweru residents reject pump levy

GWERU residents have rejected the once-off $20 pump levy per household introduced by the cash-strapped city council which they had to pay in their April water accounts.


In its 2014 budget, the local authority had proposed that ratepayers fork out a once-off payment of $20 towards procurement of water pumps — a resolution the residents adopted.

Last month town clerk Daniel Matawu said council would charge the pump levy on water accounts as council seeks to acquire equipment to replace the current archaic pumps.

But one of the residents’ associations, the Gweru United Residents’ Association (Gura), said residents should not pay the $20 opting that the levy be settled in instalments.

“Gura is encouraging all residents and ratepayers to stop paying the once-off pump levy per water account of $20 that is requested by Gweru City Council,” the association said in a statement.

Gura said it had met with mayor Hamutendi Kombayi (pictured) and agreed that residents pay $5 for four months after a stakeholders’ meeting.

“This follows the agreement we reached with the mayor and deputy mayor on Monday May 5 2014 that he will call a stakeholders’ meeting and agreed that it (levy) should be paid as $5 for four months.

“It will be effective after the stakeholders’ meeting and not $20 once-off payment,” Gura said.

Kombayi confirmed the meeting with Gura and the other two residents’ associations saying his council had advised ratepayers to make payment arrangements with the municipality.

“We have no problem with residents coming to us with payment arrangements. If one can pay $5 per month, it’s fine with us,” Kombayi said.

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